Meet Mattea

Baby Mattea was just 2 weeks old when I met her last Sunday for her debut photo shoot (see the maternity photo shoot I did with her family in November...)

We had fun posing her with lots of accessories, and discovered that she loves bean bag chairs. She fell right asleep when we snuggled her in the bean bag. Congrats, Deb and Jay!



Baby Abby was born to my good friends Maggie and Chris on January 27. Abby was a dream model-at just two weeks old, she tolerated wardrobe changes, hats and hair bows, and hanging out in wicker baskets. I am in love with this baby.

I especially love Abby's hair--it's brown hair with natural blonde highlights/frosted tips. Maggie said it's like her hair started out blonde and then suddenly switched to brown. Absolutely amazing--people pay big bucks for highlights like this!

The Ferrara Family

I spent Saturday morning with the Ferraras! Baby Isaac is five months old and so cute, with a big bald head and big 'ole eyes. Isabella is two and full of sass and personality. I've photographed the Ferraras several times before. The kids just keep getting cuter and cuter.


Isabella Grace

Nine day old babies are so tiny! Meet baby Isabella Grace, born on July 31, 2009, just minutes before the stroke of midnight to my good friends Mark and Amy. I had the opportunity to photograph Isabella on Sunday, August 9.

Mark and Amy are both musicians, so we took some creative shots with a bass and a guitar case.

Isabella looks just like her daddy, literally from head to toe!

PICT0054_0753 b&w

PICT0229_1103 b&w

PICT0252_1149 b&w

PICT0216_1077 b&w



PICT0099_0843 b&w